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TexNEP October 2016 Program
“Wild About Africa "

Presented by:
Hector D. Astorga

Thursday Oct. 20th @ 7:00pm.
McAllen Public Library
4001 N 23rd Street
McAllen, TX 78504



TexNEP is pleased to announce a program presented by past president Hector Astorga, on Thursday, October 20th. Hector is a professional nature and wildlife photographer based in South Texas. He will share his photos from a recent trip to the African continent. "Wild About Africa", will excite fellow photographers with images of African landscapes and creatures. This presentation will showcase the many images he captured from his  trip to Kenya. He will share his travel experiences and give advice on how to successfully photograph African wildlife. 
Africa is a must see destination for nature and wildlife photographers. There are those who question safety in that dark continent. Hector will show how his African adventure was full of pleasant surprises including excellent food, service, abundant wildlife and very safe travels. He will share ideas on putting together a trip to Africa that would be successful for the photographer, in a secure and enjoyable environment.
Hector guides and holds workshops at the Santa Clare Ranch where he serves as ranch manager. He has added workshops at several prime areas in North America, Central America and Africa. 
The meeting will be held Thursday, October 20th, at the McAllen Public Library at 7:00 pm, 4001 N. 23rd St. McAllen, TX 78504. The meeting is open to the public and TEXNEP members are encouraged to attend this first meeting of the fall season. 
Participants are also encouraged to bring up to three photos to show & share at the meeting.  Images that can be shown on a digital projector are preferred, but prints are also welcome.
The TexNEP July field trip for members will be on Saturday, October 22nd & details will be discussed at the Thursday meeting.    
Hope you can come!



TexNEP members range from the professional to the newbie who are interested in nature photography. We welcome film and digital shooters. Programs each month feature a guest speaker and a chance for members to share and discuss their images with others. Also each month a selected member will display images from one of their favorite places. Field trips are planned on the weekends after the Thursday meetings to one of the many Rio Grande Valley photo hotspots.
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